National announces NMRA Interchange 

From the NMRA…
We are really pleased to announce the launch of the NMRA Interchange. The Interchange will provide an online space for our members to collaborate, learn, exchange ideas and information, and much more! Born from the wish of members of the NMRAx team to connect members from across the globe without the need for any formality, as well as Marketing’s desire to move away from the website forums, and driven by the National Team’s wish to unburden Regions and Divisions from the costs associated with hybrid/online meetings, we happily present the NMRA Interchange. It is estimated that if each NMRA Region and Division had to self-fund online meeting software it would cost the organization over $25,000 per year. This is money that we would much prefer go towards growing the hobby in your local areas instead. 
The NMRA Interchange will connect you with members from across the NMRA using voice and text chat. The Hangout rooms are available for video conversations anytime without the need to pre-schedule. Each Region and Division also has its own space where only local members can see what is posted. It is a great place to promote local events, meetings, train shows, and even op sessions. Each SIG (Special Interest Group, as listed on has its own place to announce events and answer questions from NMRA members. In addition, we have created a place where you can have your own channel for your layout or share your model railroading journey. Events will be promoted at the very top of the menu, and we will be running training sessions for Division members who organize meetings so that we can show you how to create and promote events. 
The onboarding process is necessary to ensure the NMRA Interchange remains only for NMRA members. Without a membership number and completion of the onboarding process, your access to the NMRA Interchange will be limited. If you struggle with the onboarding process there is a channel called “#i-need-help” where the Interchange Team will assist you. As with the Digital Magazine you must use your membership number and a clearance code will be sent to the same email address registered with the website in order to complete the onboarding process. 
The NMRA Interchange uses the Discord platform, which is available through a web browser like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. You can also download the Discord desktop application or the Discord mobile app for your smartphone and/or tablet. The software works on iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux, and Android you can download the Discord application from here:

Joining the Interchange

Register for Discord and find the NMRA Interchange 
1) Go to to log in as a member.
a) If you are not registered with yet, you can register with your email address on file in the NMRA membership system.
2) Read through the page and then follow the link invite link: it will look something like this –
3) You will then be taken to Discord where you will be prompted to sign into Discord if you already have an account or prompted to register.
a)You can find instructions for creating an account or logging into Discord here.
NMRA Interchange Onboarding
You will now be in the NMRA Interchange Server “Lobby” where you now need to complete the onboarding process.
1) Type /onboard into the message box at the bottom of the screen. When the command with the NMRA logo appears, click on this and then enter your membership number. Do not forget to add the 00 or 0A at the end if displayed on your membership card, including the space.
2) When you have entered your membership number, press the Enter key and you will see the Interchange Bot reply to your message with the email address you are registered with at Only you can see this message.
3) Go to your email mailbox and you should have received an email from the NMRA with a single-use code that you will need to enter into the Interchange to complete the onboarding process. (Remember to check your spam folder, too.)
4) Return to the NMRA Interchange and enter /clearance click on the interchange bot as you did during step 1 and enter the code from your email after input. (Make sure you don’t add any spaces.) Then press Enter again and the Interchange Bot will tell you it is working and confirm that your onboarding has been successful. If the Bot tells you onboarding has failed please repeat the /onboard membership number step.
You will know when the onboarding process has been completed when many more channels appear in your menu, as well as a channel just for your local division in your region. 
Discord has produced a handy guide to help you get started with the NMRA Interchange:
However, should you have difficulties or if you think the Bot has placed you in the wrong Division please use the “#i-need-help” channel for support from the NMRA Interchange Team. 
Finally, we would like to thank the months of efforts by our team and our NMRA Interchange testers from the James River, Central Indiana, and Twin Cities Divisions. However, a special thank you goes out to Speed Muller, Jordan Kramer, Michelle Kempema, Aaron Stinson, Frank Trocchia, and Brad Anderson. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to add this fantastic benefit to our members and local organizations. 
Gordy Robinson
NMRA President

News from National

National Election Results

From John Stevens, 2021 Election Administrator

President Gordy Robinson

Vice President Rick Coble

At-Large North American Director Chris Palermo

Eastern District Director John Doehring

Pacific District Director Rob Peterson

By-Laws Amendment Passed.

All Officers-Elect will assume their duties on Friday July 2, 2021 for a three year term.

I would like to thank all the members who make our elections possible. We have Nominating Committees and Ballot Committees in the European Region, the British Region, the Pacific District, NMRA Canada, and a National Committee in the United States. Together, all of those committees were able to assemble a great slate of candidates.

I would also like to thank all the candidates who volunteered to step forward and run for a National Office. The nine candidates were willing to give up many hours to serve the members of the NMRA. It is easy to sit around and complain about how things are being run, but it takes a special level of commitment to be a candidate for one of these positions.  I wish them the best of luck in their new positions.

Lastly, I would like to thank those who voted, and took the opportunity to determine who will be responsible for setting our national policies and leading this organization into the future.


From Christopher J. Palermo, Publicist – 2021 convention

NMRA 2021 Rails By The Bay, NMRA’s 2021 national online virtual convention on July 6-10, 2021, has several exciting announcements.

Click HERE for the latest.

Chris reports the following developments in planning this convention.

Jack Burgess MMR will present a clinic titled Photoshop Elements as a Modeling Tool. Join Jack for a detailed review of the Photoshop Elements software and learn insider tips about how to use it to plan and build models.

Clinic schedule updated. Clinics and layout videos will be offered daily, July 6-10, at 9:00am, 10:00, and 11:00. A break will be observed from 12 noon to 2:00pm, but layout tours will be available to view on your own. Afternoon clinics will be offered at 2:00pm, 3:00, and 4:00, followed by a dinner break at 5:00. Evening clinics will be at 7:00 and 8:00, and breakout rooms will remain open at 9:00 for socialization. Clinics nominally run 35-45 minutes.

Call for volunteers. The convention continues to need more volunteers to serve as: Clinic Track Moderators, Clinic Goes On Moderators, Information Desk Operators, Information Desk Operator Assistants and Breakout Room Moderators, as described below. These are low-tech positions and will include training so that you have the information you need.

Clinic Track Moderators – moderate the chat window (keep the chat on topic, promote discussion on the topic, encourage questions for clinician), share needed links with attendees, and encourage attendees to visit the breakout rooms. Sign up HERE

Clinic Goes On Moderator – moderate the meeting (keep the chat on topic, promote discussion on the topic, encourage questions for clinician, ensure all attendees get to ask questions), share needed links with attendees, notify attendees when next clinics are starting and encourage attendees to visit the breakout rooms. Sign up HERE.

Information Desk Operator – Share important information on screen, help direct attendees to breakout rooms and answer questions as attendees enter the Great Hall. Sign up HERE.

Information Desk Operator Assistant – assist the Information Desk Operator. Sign up HERE

Breakout Room Moderator – Circulate among the breakout rooms assisting attendees. Promote discussion among attendees, introduce people in breakout rooms, be welcoming, helpful and promote social interaction among attendees. Sign up HERE.

Notice of Annual Meeting

From Rick Coble, NMRA Secretary

The National Model Railroad Association, Inc. will hold its 2021 Annual General Meeting Sunday, August 15, 2021 at 3 PM EDT.

Due to the cancellation of the 2021 National Convention, the meeting will be held virtually through the video conferencing platform GoToMeeting. Registration is required to use GoToMeeting. Registration opens July 8, 2021 and closes August 1, 2021.To register, contact the Vice President Administration at

You may send questions to the President prior to the meeting. Questions may be on any aspect of the NMRA. Questions sent prior to the 2020 meeting touched on many topics, including standards, the Achievement Program, and conventions. Questions and answers to your questions will be posted on the NMRA website no later than August 13, 2021. Meeting minutes will be posted no later than Sunday, August 22, 2021.

Questions to the President should be submitted in advance to the Secretary, beginning July 8, 2021 and no later than August 1, 2021 at .

Partnership Program


The companies listed below give discounts to NMRA members when orders are placed using a special discount code. You can find descriptions of these companies and their products, links to their websites, and the discount codes on our Partnership Page at . Remember you need to be logged into our site as a member to see the codes! Go to to register your name on the website.

Our newest partners are listed in RED.

Bear Creek Model Railroad

CatzPaw Innovations

Clever Models LLC

CMR Products

Daylight Sales

Deepwoods Software

Deluxe Materials


East Coast Circuits


Great Decals

Green Frog Productions

HobbyWorx Tools and Supplies

Hot Wire Foam Factory

K.I.S.S. Method

LaBelle Woodworking

LARC Products

Logic Rail Technologies

MAC Rail


Mine Mount Models


MinuteMan Scale Models

Model Railroad Benchwork

Model Train Catalogue

Modelers Decals and Paint

Motrak Models

MRC (Model Rectifier Corp)

Nick and Nora Designs


Old West Scenery

Ram Track


Rusty Stumps

Scale Model Plans

Scalecoat Paint

Scenery Solutions

Showcase Miniatures

Team Track Models

The N Scale Architect

The Old Depot Gallery

Tichy Train Group

Touch of the Brush

Train Installations

Train Show, Inc.

Trainmasters TV/MRH Store

TSG Multimedia


Unreal Details (Magic Water)

USA Airbrush Supply

WiFi Model Railroad