SMD Draft Meeting Minutes 13 March

Revised Draft Meeting MinutesMarch 13, 2022revisions highlighted

Division members met remotely on the internet using the Zoom platform.  18 or so were present. Superintendent Alex Polimeni opened the zoom session prior to the published start time for logging in and sharing.  

During the lead-up to the meeting, the following was shared:

Because it was snowing, several members joked about finally having an excuse for missing ameeting.  Frank Benenati quipped that he took a nap and awakened to find his driveway shoveled.
Bob Morningstar asked that anyone trying to reach him use his Proton e-mail account.
A variety of interesting (screen) backgrounds were observed behind those attending includingJay Beckham’s CTC panel and two photos of the EBT.
There was discussion of tourist railroads in WV including Cass (possible overnights at Cass or Snowshoe) and the Durbin Rocket out of Elkins.  Members recalled the Division visiting Cass 15 or so years ago.

The Superintendent called the business meeting to order at about 2:30 pm.  

22.31Paymaster’s Report:  Paymaster Ray Price reported the SMD bank balance was $3,468.81.  The Paymaster has not yet received invoices for the zoom renewal ($157.40).   The Superintendent will re-forward them.

22.3-2Clerk’s Report (Meeting Minutes):  

As discussion of the Clerk’s Report commenced, the Clerk’s phone connection to Zoom failed and could not be re-established for a significant portion of the rest of the meeting.  Therefore, he could not hear what was discussed nor record any motions made/accepted.

[At the September 2022 meeting, members present for the March 2022 recalled the following:  During the Clerk’s Zoom disconnection, members approved the February 2022 draft minutes as submitted and focused on the Mini-Con during the following discussion.]

The following are minutes from the remainder of the meeting after the Clerk finally rejoined Zoom.

Old Business:  

22-1.72022 Mini-Con Saturday, April 23, 2022 (confirmed):  The Mini-Con is open to the public not just NMRA members.  Mini-Con Chair Grant Berry was not present to make a report.  Members in attendance suggested a brief written report be shared electronically.

j. Publicity:  Don Florwick has notified other Divisions, the Region, National, and RMC.  He also has a flyer if anyone can hand it out.  Mainline has mailed postcards to their mailing list.
k. Insurance:  The SMD has not taken out insurance for previous Mini-Cons.

New Business:  

22.33Meeting Reminders:  Don Florwick has accepted the responsibility to send these in the future.

22.3-4Request for Assistance:  Frank Benenati requested help with a display case he is building

Adjournment:  The Superintendant accepted a motion to adjourn.  There will be no regular meeting in April because of the Mini-Con scheduled for Saturday, April 23, 2022.  The next regular meeting will be held remotely by Zoom on Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 2:00 p.m.  Members will be reminded by e-mail.

Minutes submitted by Clerk Harvey Heyser

Following the meeting, Matt Thompson MMR attempted to give his clinic on the achievement certificate requirements for cars and structures.  Unfortunately he could not enable the screen share function on his computer. He then offered to give the clinic at a later date inperson if possible (at the May meeting perhaps).

Pete and Jane Clarke stepped in to give an extensive up-date on all the things happening with the East Broad Top RR Foundation and with the Friends of the EBT.  Quite a few changes are happeningin Orbisonia and at the FEBT museum in Robertsdale.  A visit to see what is going on was strongly recommended.

After the up-date, there was more sharing:

Members with operating layouts discussed the challenges involved in getting their layouts back in operating shape after the pandemic shutdown especially cleaning track (no abrasives), finding dead rail sections, and fixing loose points.
Jay Beckham reported troubles with old 2-rail Atlas O gauge switches from the nickel plating wearing off.

The SMD welcomed Martin Breckbeil of the Potomac Division to the meeting.

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South Mountain Division, Mid-Eastern Region, National Model Railroad Association