Next Meeting; 14 January

The January SMD meeting will be hosted by Dave Thalman. It had been a number of years since Dave has hosted a division meeting so his layout will be a new experience for many of us.

Dave’s 30’x15’ layout represents the Pennsylvania Railroad somewhere along the Middle Division during the steam/diesel transition era. Several distinguishing features of the PRR include a four-track mainline, stone-arch bridges, PRR towers, and a set of prototype signals. The unusual track plan includes a continuous-loop 4-track mainline running through a lower 10-track staging yard, two helixes within mountains, and a branch line.

The Wakanda Valley branch line runs in the foreground of the PRR mainline and will feature a yard/servicing facility, station connected to the PRR, two villages, several mines and industries, a coal processing plant, and an interchange with the famed Barneytown & Scupperville RR. The layout is about 50% sceniced.


Dave will share his recent mountain scenery experience using Woodland
Scenics new Shaper Sheets.

Directions & Parking

Dave’s home is near Winchester, VA. Please email for a street address if you did not get the recent email from the Superintendent. There will be an RR sign,
as well as the address and name on the mailbox. Follow the gravel lane down past the pond and straight up the hill to his house on the
right. Park anywhere in front or behind the barn. The driveway branch going left around the barn or right through the carport is a “reversing loop.” Enter the house through the side door under the carport.

Author: smdnmra

South Mountain Division, Mid-Eastern Region, National Model Railroad Association