NMRA Leadership Roundtable

By Christina Zambri, NMRA Marketing Consultant

The NMRAx Team is proud to bring you the first ever NMRA Leadership Roundtable Q & A on August 22nd at 3pm EDT! (Please adjust the time according to your own time zone.) That’s right –  NMRA National Leadership will be answering your questions! We’ll be joined live by:

Pete Magoun MMR – NMRA President

Gerry Leone MMR – NMRA VP Special Projects

Jack Hamilton MMR – At Large Worldwide Director

Frank Koch – Chief Financial Officer/AP Dept Manager

John Bate – Canada Director

Robert Amsler – NMRA Legal Counsel/Meetings & Events Manager

Join us during the event to ask your questions live in the comments, or submit your questions prior to the live event by posting them in the event (link below) or by clicking here to submit your questions via a form.

This event will be streamed live on the NMRA Facebook page and to the NMRA Youtube Channel. 

Don’t worry though if you can’t tune in live – this session will remain available on the Facebook page and will be uploaded to the YouTube channel once editing has been completed.

Full event details: https://bit.ly/LeadershipDiscussion

NMRA Facebook Page: https://bit.ly/NMRAFacebook

NMRA YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/NMRAYouTube

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South Mountain Division, Mid-Eastern Region, National Model Railroad Association