SMD NMRA meeting reminder

Alex Polimeni, superintendent

With the holidays upon us, I’d like to invite everyone to take a break from the pressures of Christmas cheer and join the South Mountain Division for our December membership meeting at Bob Morningstar’s home this coming Sunday, Dec. 8th. 

Set in 1983 and featuring completed scenery, Bob models the Western Maryland Railway in HO scale. Doors open at 2PM for the layout tour, with the meeting and a clinic on soldering to promptly follow. Division members will find the street address in your winter Wheel Report. You may also contact me for Bob’s Address at

Bob asks that folks park either in the driveway or along the side of the road; the driveway should accommodate about 10 cars if everyone parks close enough. Minutes from the last meeting can be read here.

In other news, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make this month’s meeting as my fiance and I will be out of town attending a convention in Chicago. In my stead, I’ve asked assistant super Jerry Skeim to preside; go easy on him, huh?

Customarily, this is where I’d say I hope to see you all soon, but considering that I won’t have the chance until next month, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! May the holidays bring you joy, and Santa, the toy trains you asked for…

Alex Polimeni, Superintendent

November 10 meeting minutes

Submitted by Harvey Heyser, Clerk

South Mountain Division Mid-Eastern Region – National Model Railroad Association

Draft Meeting Minutes – November 10, 2019

Division members met at Dave Thalman’s home near Winchester, VA.  8 were present.  After viewing the host’s layout and socializing, Superintendent Alex Polimeni called the business meeting to order.

19.11-1 Paymaster’s Report:  Paymaster Ray Price reported that the Division has $4115.08 in its bank account, the same as in October.  The Paymaster expects up-coming expenses for the Wheel Report and for Mini-Con 2020 preparations:  raffle and concessions.

19.11-2 Clerk’s Report (Meeting Minutes):  The Clerk summarized the draft minutes for the October meeting.  Because there was confusion about the minute related to the web site, the Clerk requested that approval of the minutes be delayed.  Those present agreed.

Old Business:

18.10-5 Web Site:  Tom Fedor is now the Webmaster.

19.9-7 2020 Mini-Con will be April 18, 2020:  There was minimal discussion in Chair Pete Clarke’s absence.

b. Food:  Members brought up the need to have bottled water for attendees.

19.9-9 Bob Law’s Open House was very successful.

New Business:

19.11-3 Host Dave Thalman welcomed everyone to his HO layout.  Tracks around the two 4 track helixes were operating smoothly.

19.11-4 Future Meeting for January 2020:  The Frederick Airport was suggested as a possible location for the meeting with, perhaps, a visit to the Frederick Society layout close-by.  Arrangements for using the Airport facilities can be made at the last minute.  There will be a charge for drinks.

19.11-5 Visitor:  Bob Hiller, N scaler and high-rail collector, introduced himself to the SMD, and members provided information about the NMRA.

19.11-6 Winchester MRRC:  Andy Arnold reported the Club has demolished and removed its layout but is finding that alternative locations are very costly.

19.11-7 SMD member Bob Morningstar has been elected MER Director.

Adjournment:  The Chair accepted a motion to adjourn.  The next meeting will be held at Bob Morningstar’s home near Greencastle, PA on December 8,2019.  Assistant Superintendent Jerry Skeim will preside in the Superintendent’s absence.

Minutes submitted by Clerk Harvey Heyser

Following the meeting, host Dave Thalman presented a clinic about weathering with washes, Pan Pastels, and acrylics.  He stressed doing weathering in the same light as on the layout.